Welcome to imtouheed.com. My name is Quazi Touheed. I born in 1985! Married in 2009!! Have a son (born in 2011)!!! I tried to be a programmer at first. But found it kind of confusing. Later moved to networking (not social networking, server networking!). Found that bored and returned back to programming. Now a days, I develop web apps, mobile apps, WordPress stuffs and do internet marketing. I’ve been doing internet marketing from 2013. But never pushed it hard or created a dedicated site for that. However, it seems it’s time to create a hub for my subscribers. For that I’ve developed this site, so I can be of more helpful and useful to you!

(For New Ones) You might ask what will make me different than others? Well, I’m able to provide the necessary support for programming related products that I’ll promote to you. I’ll handle the troubleshooting for free of charge for you. Finally, I won’t promote any product that I’ve not tried by myself first. High quality is assured! As an IM, I’ll also help you to get refund if you find any product buggy or not matching with the sales page description. You won’t get these kind of supports anywhere else. So stay with me! Thank YOU!!!